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Guitar Solos

A Life of Consequence*
Astrolabe-Suite for Solo Guitar
Etude no. 1
Five Miniatures for the Play Two to Waken Him** by Gary Swaim
Ten Miniatures for Poetry
This Night is a Rope*


*A Life of Consequence and This Night is a Rope published as a set by Les Productions d’OZ
**Published by Les Productions d’OZ

Guitar Duets

Fighting for Time
Score for the video game “The Digital Calculus Coach”
I.        Compulsion
II.       Respite (A Dream of Sleep)
III.      Obsession
Theme from the video game, “Happee”
Theme from the video game, “Marching Ever Onward”*

*Published by Les Productions d’OZ

Guitar Trios

Beginner Level
El Ultimo Minuto
Fantastische Fahrten
Homenaje a la Tristeza
La Nueva Frontera
Intermediate/Advanced Level
Dark Comedy*
El Viejo Renovado
I.        20 Seconds
II.       Lethargist
III.      20 More
IV.      Reflectivity
V.       Noises On
VI.      Needful Throngs
VII.     60 Seconds
Invocation* (For guitar trio or large ensemble)
The Gallery*
The Path to Truth
     I. Stagnation
     II. Irrevocably Becoming…
     III. Direction
Variations on Jack Stewart
Variations on Will Ye No Come Back Again
*Published in a set titled “Reflections” by JoachimTrekel (Hamburg, Germany)
**Published by Les Productions d’OZ

Guitar Quartets

Beginner Level
As You Like
Intermediate/Advanced Level
Imminent Loss*
We Wait
*Quartet and Imminent Loss-published as set by Les Productions d’OZ


All Your Bass Are Belong to Us
+two electric guitars, three electric basses, and drum set
Alma Mater for Rogers Middle School (Prosper, TX.)
+Arrangements for concert band and women’s chorus
+For two guitars, soprano guitar, and contra guitar
Conformity of Purpose
     I. Single File
     II. The Din
     III. March
+For two guitars and flute
Heritage: For to the victims of Hurricane Katrina
+For Tenor Saxophone and Marimba
Malcolm: Variations on “Ceremony” by Martin Tillman
+For cello and two guitars
     I. Precipice
     II. Before My Eyes
     III. Renewal
+three guitars and bass guitar
*Published by Les Productions d’OZ
On War (text by Justin Schaefers)
+For guitar and mezzosoprano
Score for commercial-The Fantastic Travels of Maxine Machine
+For piccolo, string quartet, electric guitar, and glockenspiel
Score for the video game “Best in Show”
+Selections for:
     1) Orchestra
     2) Piano
Score for the video game “Endless Life”
+Selections for:
     1) Piano
     2) Three guitars
Score for the video game "Windmill"
+Selections for:
    1) Flute, string quartet, and glockenspiel
    2) Trombone, bass trombone, string quartet, and glockenspiel"

Tales From the Creep
+ electric guitar ensemble

Theme for the video game “Sleepless”
+For viola, cello, and piano
Wedding Processional/Recessional
+For cello and guitar

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